The 4th Child

Son, you came a day earlier than your scheduled cesarean date. I forgive you for your unannounced arrival as you were unaware as to how much of a procrastinator I am. I didn’t have a bag packed and I hadn’t frozen any meals yet…I wasn’t ready. Yes, I was going to do all of that on the day that you decided would be your birthday. Don’t judge me and yep, I make magic happen everyday.

Two weeks before you were born.

I guess I asked for it

I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, December 3rd, and I told the doctor that I was a bit disappointed that I would never be able to experience going into labor. Now would probably be a great time to tell you that I had never experienced contractions. I failed to progress with your sister and she went into fetal distress due the umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck so I had to have an emergency cesarean. Subsequently, both of your brothers were scheduled/elective cesarean. I should also let you know that your father and I decided that you would complete our family. So my planned cesarean with you meant that I would, in some way, miss out on experiencing a “traditional” labor. Let’s be clear though, I am very much so proud of the way that I brought you and your siblings into this world. You all are healthy and I am still alive. Even knowing this, I still desired to experience what I always thought that I would as a woman, a wife, and most importantly a mother. But I was only rambling to the doctor, so I thought.

“…I knew that you would enter the world the way that you did; I should have been prepared to have you earlier than the 6th of December.”

When my contractions started the following day, my thoughts rushed back to the conversation the day before. Here I was, going into labor. (I need to figure out who I need to talk to about my wanting another job and see if that happens as quickly as well. Sorry, I digress.)  My contractions started out at 20 minutes apart. I went to bed that night hoping that you would wait, at least until I was packed for the hospital. When I woke up at 4am, in tears, I knew that you would come that day and that you would not give me enough time to pull everything together. My contractions were more intense and 8 minutes apart when I was awakened by pain. I held out until 10:30am, trying to wash clothes and pack, and by the time I made it to the hospital my contractions were 4 minutes apart and doctor confirmed that I was in labor. I had gotten my wish. The doctor called for an emergency c-section stating that we could not wait long as my uterus was far too weak, after 3 prior cesareans, to handle my wish list. I held you in my arms about 2 hours later. *Sidenote: Contractions are overrated and painful!*

It was all a dream

What’s funny about your coming early is that I knew that you would enter the world the way that you did; I should have been prepared to have you earlier than the 6th of December.  I actually had a dream, in November, that I was at an event where your father was scheduled to perform, on December 4th, and I started having contractions. While the event was cancelled, I really did start having contractions that evening.

A day after you were born.

A day after you were born.

The Nameless Child

Naturally, we hadn’t picked out a name for you. That too was on my to-do-list alongside packing a hospital bag and freezing meals. Gratefully your name came to me immediately upon holding you. When the nurse handed you to me I felt a such a strong urge to call you Josiah.  I’ve never met anyone by that name and it wasn’t on my list. While I am being transparent I must also admit that while I knew the name was biblical, I wasn’t able to recall who or what Josiah did.

Even with that strong urge, you were nameless for 48 hours. Your father and I played with different name combinations that included Paul, Jacob, Emerson, Andrew,  Daniel, Harrison, Josiah, Cory, and Levon. When we were told that we could leave the hospital after 2 days we were sure that you would leave there without a name. Then your dad, understanding that it was impossible for me to ignore the name Josiah and being the superhero that he is, came up with what we would later deem your name: Daniel Josiah. So, Daniel, you received your name just a few hours before we left the hospital.


Since your birth, less than 2 weeks ago, you have made such a huge impact on our family. Along with, single- handedly, tipping us over into the “big family” category (because apparently 3 children only sits you on the cusp of it), you have also stolen our hearts. Your siblings adore you. They all want to hold you and kiss you and your are greeted every morning with the brightest smiles and every afternoon, after school, with some of the warmest embraces. Your father and I couldn’t be happier. We love you so much Daniel. Thank you for turning our party of 5 into a party of 6! We are so grateful to have you.

Leaving the hospital.

Leaving the hospital.


Your Family

Daniel Josiah Lorick

Born: December 5, 2015 at 12:37pm GST/3:35am EST

Weight: 7.46 lbs./3385 grams

Length: 19 in./48.5 cm

Location: Oasis Hospital, Al Ain, UAE

The 4th Child

The 4th Child