The First

Terrence was truly able to celebrate having a son today as he gave him his first…HAIRCUT.



I, on the other other hand, had to fight back tears as my baby no longer looks like a baby.

Before and after

Before and After

*Aaron wasn’t bothered at all by getting his haircut.

4 thoughts on “The First

  1. darai2 says:

    AWWWWWHHHH!!!! Look at him..Terry did a great job…it was a first for me to see someone cut hair while they are holding but just goes to show the comfort and confidence Aaron has in his daddy’s loving arms..that is one of the best pictures yet..Aaron looks very handsome with his new haircut 😉


    • Aisha says:

      I held Aaron during his haircut. We just wanted to make sure that Terrence had a picture of himself cutting Aaron’s hair.


  2. Mary Lorick says:

    Awwww, what a nice picture, that was quite a transformation. What a loving dad…how could he even be more handsome….did you save a lock? Thanks for sharing.


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