7 Months


Weight: 8.6kg/19lbs.

Height: 70cm/27.5in

  • Aaron is crawling now!
  • Currently eating 3 meals a day and is definitely showing a greater interest in food than he is milk.
  • Usually screams with excitement whenever music starts and enjoys screaming with his sister when she is being silly.
  • Is an affectionate baby as he already gives me hugs and grabs my face to give me open mouth kisses.
  • His two bottom teeth came in last week
  • Fights me to get down on the floor to play with toys.
  • Has the coolest mohawk that I’ve ever seen 😉


4 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. Mary Lorick says:

    My grand boy is getting so big, and he looks like such a sweet baby, get the video camera out for the first crawl….here he comes. Kiss both of them for me. Grandma Mary


  2. Candace says:

    How adorable is he! I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing. I just did a read through to see all I’ve missed. Tell everyone I said hello!


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