7 Months


Weight: 8.6kg/19lbs.

Height: 70cm/27.5in

  • Aaron is crawling now!
  • Currently eating 3 meals a day and is definitely showing a greater interest in food than he is milk.
  • Usually screams with excitement whenever music starts and enjoys screaming with his sister when she is being silly.
  • Is an affectionate baby as he already gives me hugs and grabs my face to give me open mouth kisses.
  • His two bottom teeth came in last week
  • Fights me to get down on the floor to play with toys.
  • Has the coolest mohawk that I’ve ever seen 😉


Happy 2nd Birthday Mila!


Weight: 13kg/28.5lbs.

Height: 84.5cm/33inches

We can’t believe that Mila has been in our lives for 2 years! It’s been an amazing journey and we are definitely looking forward to many, many more birthday celebrations with our baby girl. She truly makes us happy.

She had her birthday party at school where she shared Sesame Street cupcakes with her classmates and gave them treat bags with playdough, a mini tambourine, and stickers. Afterwards, we went to Dubai for dinner and let Mila pick out toys from a toy store. She selected the “Peepo” book and a Daisy Duck stuffed animal. The following day we took her to a water park and and then we ended her birthday weekend with a trip to the zoo. Below are some pictures from her party.



Unfortunately the lady that made her cake last year moved to Dubai. These cupcakes were good but I think that would have been both good and a bit more aesthetically pleasing had the other woman made them.


Mila and owner of the nursery.


Mila and her teachers.



MIla's 2nd bday

Mila’s birthday certificate from school.

Check out the video below to see birthday song sung to Mila in English and Arabic.