Back in the UAE


Picture of us on the flight back.

14 hour flight and two weeks and some change later, we are back home and fully adjusted. We’ve said goodbye to stateside family, friends, and vacation and have reconnected with friends, work, and life as we know it here. Below are a few updates pertaining to each of us.



Aaron has joined us around the table and is now eating 2 meals per day. He has tackled avocado, pears, apples, green beans, and rice cereal, none of which made out the same way they went in. His favorite thus far are pears and green beans.

He has also started school. We originally thought that Poppa B/Brian, the same person that cared for Mila, would care for him. Brian, however, remained stateside temporarily so Aaron now attends House of Colours with Mila. The same woman that cared for Mila when she started at the nursery now cares for Aaron. The staff there tell us that Aaron is an awesome baby that barely cries and sleeps wonderfully.



Mila is taking over the world one country at a time! She is talking non-stop now and proves to be a very bossy child. Her teachers at school and members at our church were excited to see her return. She’s turning 2 soon!

T and Me


We’ve started going back to work. Terrence teaches 5th grade boys and I teach 4th grade girls. Our newest project is trying to find a new place to live as we need a bit more space. We hope to post pictures of our new home soon.

2 thoughts on “Back in the UAE

  1. Mary Lorick says:

    Hello my children, thanks for the update, I just love how alert Aaron seems in these pictures. Mila looks like she means what she says, (that’s my granddaughter) and tell Terry he can expect more muscles in that arm that he carries Aaron on. Love Molo


  2. darai2 says:

    Love the pics…Aaron..or Aawon as I can hear Mila sing from my personal like he has gotten so much that smile of his..glad he is adapting to school..and what can I say about Ms . Mi Mi..I can picture almost how that pic happen..” Mila lets take a picture. ” AND out came that immediate CHEEEESE!!!!!! LOL!! Miss u all love you!!


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