3 Months

Aaron is 3 months and only a few days shy of 4 now. He’s growing so quickly! He is sleeping through the night (from around 11pm-10am), rolling over from both front to back and back to front, has excellent head control, and is pushing his upper body up into a crawling position.


We're Stateside

We took our first 14 hour flight as a family of 4 July 4th. Since then we have been enjoying family, gaining weight (I wish that I could say that only our children were doing this), and getting a break from extreme heat and sand. I’ve been asked to continue updating my blog while here so that loved ones who are unable to visit with us can continue keep up with us. It is with pleasure :).

Below is a picture of us on the plane during our flight over.

Photo on 2013-07-04 at 20.13 #2