Our Newest Family Addition

Aaron Anthony Lorick

April 10, 2013

Weight: 6lbs., 3 oz

Height: 20in.

Born at 4:45pm GST (our time)/ 8:45am EST


We elected to have a cesarean after our doctor advised it due to complications following our emergency c-section with Mila. Since this c-section was planned, we were more prepared to capture moments.


Terrence and I right before the surgery.


Terrence prepped for the procedure.


Terrence and I during the procedure. I must admit that there is something quite magically about a spinal tap. I didn’t feel a thing!


Oh boy did my boy cry. I remember hearing a faint cry from Mila and then she was just quiet while they cleaned her off. Aaron came out yelling and made sure that we all knew that he was not impressed with being in this “new world.”


I got to see him before I went into recovery for 1/2 an hour. I didn’t get to see Mila so I stressed seeing Aaron after delivery.



Mila meeting her brother for the first time.


Leaving the hospital.




Going home.

3 thoughts on “Our Newest Family Addition

  1. Mary Lorick says:

    Ohhhhh, that was wonderful play by play, and great pictures too. I am so happy everything came out alright, cause we have Aaron and both of you are well…..wow that was a little scary, even though i knew the outcome…you’re good. Molo


  2. d says:

    Thanks for the posting. It is so interesting how you were just able to walk out of the hospital.. here we have to wait on the nurse to come and put us in the wheelchair. the car to be pulled up to the door and then they release us.. well at least that is how it was 15 years ago..lol.. but not you.. just walked out like a champ…lol


  3. Gaye says:

    I really enjoy your commentaries ACE, and you are such a blessing to my (play)brother! You do this mommy thing so effortlessly and pleasant like. I will come to meet Master Aaron really soon….I think I’m a little jealous Mila didn’t get to be my namesake, but it’s close to Miller 🙂 And I was surprised to see you walking out too, guess family enhancement is the norm! 🙂 ❤ The LORICKS!


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