My Birthday Weekend

I turned 29 March 15th and while I’m aware that I am super close to 30 I still brag and rest comfortably in the fact that I am still in my 20’s :). We went back to Taste of Dubai this year to celebrate my special day. What better way for a 9 month pregnant lady to celebrate her birthday than surrounded by delicious foods. We also stayed the night in Dubai to make a weekend out of it.

While sitting around and eating we realized that we were sitting next to another baby named Mila. Terrence was calling Mila’s name and the other couple looked at us strangely until realizing that we had 2 beautiful Mila’s in our presence. It was a very cute coincidence. They both are named Mila and were born at the same hospital 5 months apart.

IMG_3940 IMG_3941


Our Mila refusing to smile.


Even after an hour nap, she still refused to smile.



Compare this photo to the other family photo at the Taste of Dubai from last year to see the differences between Mila then and now.



That night we ate dinner in the hotel where we stayed. If you look closely at the picture you can see Mila’s hand reaching up from the floor. She was overly busy that night :).





My birthday cake given to us by the restaurant.



Eating desert the next day with some friends at Cheesecake Factory in Dubai Mall. Mila’s asleep in her stroller.


8 thoughts on “My Birthday Weekend

  1. Piper says:

    You look AMAZING for 9 months pregnant!!! Wow… Saying a little prayer that I look as great in August!! Lol! Love you all and talk to you soon!!! *hugs*


  2. Pauletta L. Jones says:

    Looks like you had a great time for your birthday and I am especially glad to see that you are doing fine. I have to agree with everyone else, you do look amazing at nine months pregnant! Mila is really growing fast. Take care of yourself and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new nephew (I claim it!) on next week! But if I have to, I will accept a girl. lol Love y’all!!!


    • Aisha says:

      Thanks for the comment and compliment! Mila kept me busy so I couldn’t just lie around this time and gain weight lol. Ha! We shall see soon whether you’ll be welcoming a handsome nephew or beautiful niece into the world ;).


  3. Mary Lorick says:

    Wow I am having such a great time looking and reading and staring at the pictures… are really round and beautiful, i think i look like that when i carried Tang :0) What size are those shoes, I think my granddaughter is really gettin out of the way. love you guys.


    • Aisha says:

      Well thank you! I bet that you were beautiful when you carried Tang ;). Mila is in a size 5 now and from the looks of things it doesn’t seem as though she will be in that size for very long. Love you too :).


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