Party of 4

The dynamics of our family have changed quite a bit and while we are still adjusting, we wouldn’t have things any other way.


The back of our truck has become an official changing station fully equipped with diapers, wipes, changing pads, and change of clothes.


We now have a son.


Mila has a little brother.


Aaron has all of us.


They have each other.

Our Newest Family Addition

Aaron Anthony Lorick

April 10, 2013

Weight: 6lbs., 3 oz

Height: 20in.

Born at 4:45pm GST (our time)/ 8:45am EST


We elected to have a cesarean after our doctor advised it due to complications following our emergency c-section with Mila. Since this c-section was planned, we were more prepared to capture moments.


Terrence and I right before the surgery.


Terrence prepped for the procedure.


Terrence and I during the procedure. I must admit that there is something quite magically about a spinal tap. I didn’t feel a thing!


Oh boy did my boy cry. I remember hearing a faint cry from Mila and then she was just quiet while they cleaned her off. Aaron came out yelling and made sure that we all knew that he was not impressed with being in this “new world.”


I got to see him before I went into recovery for 1/2 an hour. I didn’t get to see Mila so I stressed seeing Aaron after delivery.



Mila meeting her brother for the first time.


Leaving the hospital.




Going home.

Baby Lorick #2 Update

Our new addition is scheduled to join us Wednesday, April 10th at 3:30pm our time and 7:30am USA time. Keep us in your prayers and stay posted to your email, skype, or this blog for updates on the arrival of our newest family member.

We will deliver at the same hospital as we did Mila: MedCare in Dubai. Our previous doctor has also been making this exciting journey with us.

What do you think we’re having this time?

My Birthday Weekend

I turned 29 March 15th and while I’m aware that I am super close to 30 I still brag and rest comfortably in the fact that I am still in my 20’s :). We went back to Taste of Dubai this year to celebrate my special day. What better way for a 9 month pregnant lady to celebrate her birthday than surrounded by delicious foods. We also stayed the night in Dubai to make a weekend out of it.

While sitting around and eating we realized that we were sitting next to another baby named Mila. Terrence was calling Mila’s name and the other couple looked at us strangely until realizing that we had 2 beautiful Mila’s in our presence. It was a very cute coincidence. They both are named Mila and were born at the same hospital 5 months apart.

IMG_3940 IMG_3941


Our Mila refusing to smile.


Even after an hour nap, she still refused to smile.



Compare this photo to the other family photo at the Taste of Dubai from last year to see the differences between Mila then and now.



That night we ate dinner in the hotel where we stayed. If you look closely at the picture you can see Mila’s hand reaching up from the floor. She was overly busy that night :).





My birthday cake given to us by the restaurant.



Eating desert the next day with some friends at Cheesecake Factory in Dubai Mall. Mila’s asleep in her stroller.



We went to Jordan the end of February and the beginning of March for a quick 3 day getaway. It can be considered our “baby-moon” as that was my last opportunity to travel before our new addition arrives. Our itinerary went as follows: left Wednesday night and stayed in Amman (the capital of Jordan); drove 2.5 hours to Petra Thursday morning; Thursday evening we drove 3 hours to the Dead Sea where we stayed Thursday and Friday night. At the Dead Sea we visited the Jordan River and viewed the baptismal place of Jesus Christ, following which we floated in the Dead Sea. We had an amazing time. Below are some pictures from our trip.


We, unfortunately, didn’t take many pictures while in Amman. We got there after midnight Wednesday and left Thursday morning around 8am. The city was pretty modern with skyscrapers and traffic lights. Had we known that we would not see this again for a few days we may would have taking a bit more time to take it all in.


Our little traveler: Mila was ready to tell us the way.


View while leaving the city.

*In Route

So Jordan doesn’t have a highway/interstate system so we traveled through villages, back roads, and mountains. It was one of the most scenic and scariest rides that we have ever taken. For the majority of the ride, however, we drove through vasts of nothingness. We had a GPS but it felt as though we were following directions that we got from someones great uncle who knew the “back way.”



We left Amman, following our GPS, for Petra. Petra is one of the oldest cities in the world, developed possibly as early as 312 BC. The city is carved into a rock face and is truly an amazing sight. While I was in awe at everything that I saw, I don’t recommend visiting Petra while pregnant as it requires lots of walking since a horse and carriage ride is too bumpy and therefore unsafe during the latter stages of pregnancy. We didn’t see everything there but we saw what I wanted to see: Al-Khazneh (Treasury).


Gentlemen offer horse rides to the actually Petra entrance in return for a tip. We decided not to take a horse but wanted apicture. As you can see, Mila wanted no parts of that horse.

IMG_1486 IMG_1487

Terrence and Mila walking towards Petra’s entrance.


Upon entering Petra we were constantly stopped by locals attempting to sell us coins, postcards, and scarves.

IMG_3931 IMG_3945

The colors inside the cave were beautiful. The view was breathtaking.

IMG_3936 IMG_3954

View when arriving at the Treasury.

IMG_3955 IMG_3956

The Treasury.

IMG_3957 IMG_3965

*Leaving Petra

While there were, I believe, 14 sights to see in Petra, we left after viewing the Treasury. It took us an hour to walk back to car and after grabbing lunch we got on the road in route to the Dead Sea. It took us about 3 hours to get there.



This sign was in the middle of a small village. We had to get a picture of the body builder.


You have to watch out for deer in the US, camels in the UAE, and sheep in Jordan.

**The Dead Sea**

Around 7pm that evening we checked into our hotel, ate dinner, and crashed. The long car rides and walk through Petra was enough adventure for one day.


View of hotel from our room’s window.


Mila watching Laker’s game the next morning in our room.

**Bethany, Jordan (Jesus’s Baptistmal Site)**

The next morning we headed out to tour where Jesus was baptized. The site was about 10 minutes away from our hotel.



Where Jesus was baptized.


Standing in front of baptismal site.

IMG_4019 IMG_4026

Walking to the part of the Jordan River that we are able to touch.


Name of church on the left in the picture above this one.


Inside of church.


The Jordan River separates Jordan from Israel. When we went down to the river we saw people being baptized on Israel’s side and other tourist who were doing the same as us, just on other soils. The most interesting aspect were the armed guards that stood on both sides of land. We would not visit Israel that day and the people on the other side would have to find to another way to tour Jordan.




Israel’s flag.


Israel’s guard.


Terrence standing with one of the guards on Jordan’s side.


After being able to see and touch the Jordan River, as well as be amazed, overall, by this sacred sight, we were getting ready leave in pursuit of both lunch and a visit to the Dead Sea.

**The Dead Sea**

The Dead Sea not only rest at the Earth’s lowest elevation point on land, it is also one of the most saltiest bodies of water in the world. It is believed, according to some in Jordan, to have been the site of Sodom and Gomorrah hence contributing to the water’s high salt content. The density of the water is 1.240 liters which allows people to float immediately upon entering.


It was amazing. When I got into the seemingly freezing water I floated instantly. We also had to take part in the mud scrub as it came highly recommended from several tourist websites/blogs. That was really fun. The most memorable part of this portion of the trip was Terrence dunking his face into the sea. In case you neglected to read the paragraph above, the Dead Sea is one of the SALTIEST bodies of water in the WORLD! The worker there laughed at him as they ran to his aid with a water hole.Terrence said that he was unable to open his eyes because they burned so badly. Others standing by watched, pointed, and laughed. I’m am positive that my husband was called an idiot in at least five different languages that evening. He, however, stands next to his beliefs of that having to be done. I guess it was worth it.

Our hotel was on the Dead Sea so were able to walk there easily.


There were buckets of mud set up around the beach if wanting to participate in the famous scrub. This was number one on my sea agenda so I practically ran to a bucket.


The completed product :).


Floating in the Dead Sea.



Poor Mila, she didn’t want anything to do with water, sand, or neither one of us when covered in mud.


Terrence covered in mud.




After submerging his face into the water.


Hotel employees assisting Terrence.

IMG_4134 IMG_4135

One of the employees that picked on Terrence after his face dunking episode. This nice gentleman also packed us some mud to carry back home.


Overall, we had a fabulous time and are extremely happy that we were able to experience Jordan. For us, three days was the perfect amount time to see and do all that we wanted to there. We would highly recommend visiting Jordan to any that are interested and would even go as far as to say doing the trip in the same order in which we did it.

Hope you enjoyed.