Just a Note

We are all doing well. We made it back safely, and are looking forward to a blessed and exciting year. We pray the same for each of you.Image


3 thoughts on “Just a Note

  1. Mary Lorick says:

    Hey I was just thinking last night about the blog, and here you are, wonderful….my son never ceases to amaze me. I do believe that there is very little he wouldn’t do for Mila. Can you put something like that on facebook? :), don’t worry I’m not on facebook.
    Love Ya’ll


  2. GayeGaye says:

    La, La LORICK….Shu hada!??! Dr Zeuss meets uhhhh….. MORK??? MARTIN?! Good you say?!?! This has got to be some lovetype of love….him her and you him… to have a grown man in footie pj’s ?!?! …IJS, this is gonna postpone #3 🙂 Where do you even find these??? LOL!!!


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