Mila turned 1 on October 24th. We had a party for her that day with a group of 23 friends at a local park.


Mila enjoyed herself. She walked around and took it all in.

We ordered Lebanese food which included: lamb, beef, chicken, humus, pita bread, and side serving of fresh and pickled vegetables.

I made a sign to display at the party highlighting her milestones and personality.

Lots of people came to show their love and excitement for Mila’s big day!

Mila was unsure about what to do with the slice of cake in front of her at first. We’ve never given her cake, cookies, or anything of the such.

After examining the cake she decided that she didn’t want to try it, but instead, get out of the chair.

After some coaxing, she scrape her finger across the icing, placed her finger in her mouth, and this was her expression.

After that first taste, she was on a mission.

We were and are very proud of our little girl.

5 thoughts on “HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY MILA!

  1. Charita says:

    oh my gosh Happy Birthday Mila! Even though it was a week ago. Tell mommy or daddy to get on facebook already LOL. Aisha I love the pic with you and Terry on either side. She looks just like both of you. Love you guys!


  2. Mary Lorick says:

    These pictures were so good, I enjoyed being able to view her having a great time at her 1st birthday party. Did she really keep that hat on? Y’all did a great job, i loved the poster, y’all are so creative. I can’t help myself, she is so beautiful!! Thanks, much love xoxo


  3. Ryan Manning says:

    It was nice to get back in contact with you. Your daughter is definately a cuties pie. It looks like the Lorick Family is really enjoying living and working abroad. Please keep you blog going, I love learning about different cultures.


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