My furst moehawk… Hellp Me!!!

Hi eferywun.  Hellp M.E. palease.  My dady keeped tellun my mum that he wood du my hare the nex time she wint to git hurs dun, but my mum did not believe him.  Palease type 2 hur and tell hur not to leave me with my silly dady NO MOORE!!!


M.ila E.llen

4 thoughts on “My furst moehawk… Hellp Me!!!

  1. Pauletta L. Jones says:

    Hey Aisha and Terry! Now that was too funny! Great way you played with the words. I can say, he did try but she will be alright until you get home the next time so tell him to leave the hair to you. Good to you are back on your job, I miss my updates! Lol Love y’all and take care.

    Aunt Paulette


  2. darai2 says:

    ROTFLMBO!!!!! I just laughed out loud at my desk…the hair is too funny ..the post is too cute..I just hope the hair style was a joke ..please tell me Terry didn’t think that was cute…lol..if so let me type Mila’s mommy…please please do Mila’s hair before u leave next time


  3. Mary Lorick says:

    Hello Mila, next time you see your mom leave, run after her,:)..but your dad may have done better than his mom. It doesn’t matter she is still beautiful.


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