It's HOT

Riding in the car a few days ago I decided check the weather. I usually avoid doing this as my feelings become hurt and my mind then questions my ability to survive in such heat. Nonetheless, I looked up and there, above my rearview, I saw; 120! I took into account that the car temperature is always hotter than the actual temperature outside but, how hot does it have to be outside for the car to read 120? I’ll tell you how hot, too hot!

Mila’s keeping cool by eating frozen yogurt.

Blocking the sun.

She prefers the shades to be on her head. Hey, it’s never too early to start accessorizing.

3 thoughts on “It's HOT

  1. Mary Lorick says:

    That’s my girl, eat like you mean it….:0) what is that pink thing in her mouth? It makes me hot just thinking about 120 degrees, even though 107 ain’t no joke, that what it has been her, and If she is coordinating at 8 months, you all will need another job. See you soon!


    • Aisha says:

      Yeah, 107 is hot also! The pink thing in her mouth is a mesh feeder…that’s what I put her frozen yogurt in. She also eats frozen strawberries, blueberries, and mango in it. It’s pretty handy. Lol, I guess I better stop encouraging the coordinating then 🙂


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