I wanted to share pictures of one of our local supermarket so I went in the store a few days ago on a mission.  It’s different than the supermarkets in the US as several of the items here are imported. So as we walk through produce we’re able to pick which country we’d prefer to harvest our apples, oranges, lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, and many other fruits and vegetables. In the meat department we can choose weather or not we want corn-fed Irish beef, grass-fed New Zealand’s or Australia’s, or local beef.

My fairy tale blog post came to squealing hault when one of the supermarket’s mangers interrupted me in the middle of a fierce shot to tell me that I was unable to take pictures in the store. I’d, apparently, ignored the “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” sign posted high within the supermarket area (I forgot to mention that the store has a Walmart-type feel so while I could take pictures of the clothes and electronics, I could not do so of the food).

I am disappointed that  I was unable to get  all of the pictures that I would have liked, but am happy that I managed to get a few shots.

Happy 8 Months


8 Month Stats

Weight: 19 lbs.

Height: 27 in.


Can’t wait for everyone to meet the “big” baby Mila. She’s full of personality!

Happy 7 Months

It feels like Mila is growing so quickly! She’s teething now and is waking up quite frequently. Yet, while holding her the other night, I couldn’t help but think that I will probably miss holding her at 1am, 2am, 3am, and 5am soon. Maybe not every one of those hours but a few for sure. I want to hold on these moments for as long as I can because I’ve witnessed this girl needing me every two hours to eat, wanting to be held by me only, and not being to do anything on her own. Now she is trying to jump out of my arms while walking around the house, has to two teeth, feeds herself, is completely weened from the bottle, and I find her in some of the most awkward places around our den. So I say, “bring on the sleepless nights”…our baby is growing too quickly.

Our Weekend Escape

A couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend in Dubai. We wanted to get away from our small city and venture out to the “city of gold.” We packed our bags and left Thursday after work and didn’t return until Saturday afternoon. We had a wonderful time; great eats, nice hotel, and luxurious shopping malls.

Hanging Out Poolside

This was Mila’s first time in the pool and she did wonderfully!

At a Chinese Restaurant

I wish I would have taking a picture of the building that housed the restaurant; it was massive. It’s located inside of the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Someone’s excited about watching other people eat!

*Piper I thought of you when I took and posted pictures of our food :)*

Our Hotel

We stayed at the Qamardeen Hotel in the “old city” area of Dubai. It’s downtown Dubai and was walking distance for The Dubai Mall.

*I really have to introduce this blog to the other fabulous malls in Dubai. That gives me an excuse to do more shopping…thanks blog and followers!

View when walking to a neighboring souq (an open-air marketplace).