Taste of Dubai

I turned 28 this past week and for my birthday we spent a day in Dubai. We went to the Taste of Dubai, a food festival in which several restaurants from the city set up in one location and prepare sample sized portions of their most popular dishes. Mimicking other Taste ofs, this festival didn’t skip a beat. In fact, Terrence and I enjoyed this festival more than the Taste of Chicago.  There were about 15 different restaurants, live music, and free samples from other businesses. Terrence said that his favorite was the steak from Ruth’s Chris and mine was a dim sum bowl from a Pan Asian restaurant.

I took note of the fact that they served alcohol at the event. Alcohol is only severed at hotel restaurants here as drinking is against the country’s religion. While there are liquor stores here, they are very low key and consumers are required to have a liquor permit that sets limits regarding their purchases. I’ve been told that every time some one buys liquor  a stamp is placed in their permit booklet and they are only allowed a certain amount of stamps weekly. All of this to say that people walking around with beer and wine yesterday was a bit alarming. I wonder if alcohol was allowed five years ago when the festival first occurred.



2 thoughts on “Taste of Dubai

  1. Rai Gai says:

    I always always enjoy reading your blog ..it makes me feel apart of your journey there..and u always seem to make sure we get interesting facts along with every experience ..love reading this blog..but the pictures are my favorite ..miss u guys a lot..besides our phone calls the pics are the best…I absolutely love the pic of Mila looking at the fish…priceless…yes I agree she needs the full experience..lol..and is she checking out her shoes in that stroller..is she gonna love she’s too..lol…she is too cute…oh and U and Terry look great too..lol ..welcome to parenthood its all abt the baby…u r a second thought..lol just kidding love u all


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