Happy 4 Months

Mila turned 4 months on February 24th. Her well-baby check-up was last week and she weighed in at a whopping 15 pounds and stretched to 24 inches! Her doctor said that she’s in the 80th percentile for both weight and height. I’ll admit that I’m a skeptic regarding percentiles but hey, who doesn’t want to hear that their baby is chubby and healthy? She’s reached every developmental milestone for her age. I’m also proud to announce that she rolled over from her back to stomach this week. I’ve been waiting for her to do this; she’d roll to her side, sit there, then roll back to her back. I was siting on he floor and while she was lying, horizontially, across my lap she planted her feet and rolled over down my legs. When I rolled her back over to her back, she looked at me and smiled. It was like she knew that I’d been waiting for that.

I wrote earlier about Mila’s BCG (Tuberculosis) vaccination and since then, it has gone through some changes. After a bath one night I noticed that it was swollen and looked infected. Shortly afterwards, pus and blood began to drain from it. I, being a new age mommy, ran straight to my computer and googled it. The draining is actually a must as she was injected with a live virus form of Tuberculosis. Her injection sight, in a sense, became infected. Her body then develops antibodies to fight off the infection. Hence the draining of pus and blood. I only wish that the doctors or nurses informed me of this earlier. A “hey, 4 months from now this thing is going to really gross you out,” would have been greatly appreciated. The picture below is what it looks like now. It’s actually clearing up some, but it’s continuing to drain. Her skin around it looks irritated because I put a band-aid on it initially. Her pediatrician believes that she may be allergic to certain types. Thanks to coconut oil, however, that too is clearing up. Sidenote: I use coconut oil for a lot of things pertaining to Mila: moisturize her skin, diaper barrier, and drool rash. It’s amazing!

Below is a picture of our local hospital; Mila’s pediatrician is there. It’s the same hospital where Terrence and I completed our birthing class.

2 thoughts on “Happy 4 Months

  1. Rai Gai says:

    Wow….yeah they could have told u..u did good..I probably would have ran to the emergency room…lol ..that’s interesting how that all works..anything else u should look forward to ?


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