She'll Have A Story To Tell

Mila has a scar on her left shoulder where she received a vaccination at birth. I read after we left the hospital that bump I had been seeing on my daughter’s shoulder would forever be there as the bump/scar is an indication of an effective vaccination. I was floored to say the least; I’d never heard of anyone else scaring due to a vaccination. Her father and I recently found out that we’d never known of such a thing because that particular vaccination is not given in the US. The vaccination she received is the BCG/Tuberculosis vaccine. A nurse explained that they give the vaccination here, and not in the US, because this country is still developing and is a hodgepodge of several nationalities and cultures. Her father and I are now able to laugh regarding the scar believing that it, along with several other experiences, will just make her stories even the more interesting.

Mila’s Arabic Birth Certificate (she has an English one too)

Stroll in the Park

We visited Al Hili Archaeological Park for the first time this past weekend. It was such a gorgeous day and we wanted to take Mila for a walk. The park is beautiful! It’s walking distance from our home and we’ve been saying, for months, that we were going to go. I’m glad that we made time to go and we are looking forward to many more walks and possible cookouts there in the future.