Don't Forget To Breathe

We completed a 6 week birthing class at a local hospital last week. The class consisted of us and two other couples. We were able to learn more about the medical side of labor and delivery and pick up some excellent pointers regarding pain management. Terrence was also able to practice giving a baby a bath, changing a diaper, and dressing one. This is a huge deal because he’s never done any of these things before. I’m super proud of him for jumping in feet first and treating that doll as if it were ours.

In addition to the knowledge gained we also got a few good laughs as one our birthing coaches was really pessimistic and a theatrical. The first day of class  was only for the mother’s to be and she asked us what came to mind when we thought about labor. One woman said hard work and I said being really close to meeting my child. She looked extremely disappointed by our responses. She then took her marker and wrote, in all CAPS, on the board “PAIN.” Then turned to us and said, “You think about Pain! You think about how bad it is going to hurt!”  It took everything in me not to burst into laughter. Terrence was able to witness her dramatics in future classes. He, however, did not fight his desire to laugh.

4 thoughts on “Don't Forget To Breathe

  1. Piper says:

    Aaawwee! This is really cute and funny!! I can’t believe baby Lorick isn’t here yet!! Glad Terry is getting practice tho! Love u both!!! *MUAH*


  2. Pauletta Jones says:

    Hello there!

    Just got finished reading and looking at the pictures. Thanks for all the updates. I can see that you two are ready. Terry looks like a real pro in the pictures. I had not read the one about the Lorick “head” so I guess I better change my guess to “boy”. We do have some big head boys in the family! LOL Seriously, I am happy for y’all an pray that all goes well.


  3. veronica b. says:

    Omg!! Aisha. I sooo remember IMS ’98, CaBrailSong, DSS lol and I’m just looking at your blog and how you’ve grown and changed… time flies girl and our God is truly A-mazing! You look wonderful my sister and T looks real comfy wit them diapers (amen!) I love love love y’all!!! And SO appreciate you keeping us posted on your comings and goings. I can’t wait to meet Baby Lorick and put my arms around you again soon! Congrats and all my love and prayers!



  4. Rai Gai says:

    Love the pics..Terry really looks serious in that bath pic..he has great position on that baby’s neck..and look at him paying attention for the next step…LOL…go Daddy …that certificate is neat..and that instructor wow…she must have really has a terrible deliver and labor..remember two pushes..its was a yall..


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