What Are We Having?

You guys were awesome about casting your vote for what you believe is the gender of our unborn child. We tallied up your answers and the results are below:

Very soon we’ll be able to see who’s right. Shout out to the 4 people that responded we were having a “baby.” You guys, of course, are already right! Thanks again for your participation. We are seriously counting down now.

Don't Forget To Breathe

We completed a 6 week birthing class at a local hospital last week. The class consisted of us and two other couples. We were able to learn more about the medical side of labor and delivery and pick up some excellent pointers regarding pain management. Terrence was also able to practice giving a baby a bath, changing a diaper, and dressing one. This is a huge deal because he’s never done any of these things before. I’m super proud of him for jumping in feet first and treating that doll as if it were ours.

In addition to the knowledge gained we also got a few good laughs as one our birthing coaches was really pessimistic and a theatrical. The first day of class  was only for the mother’s to be and she asked us what came to mind when we thought about labor. One woman said hard work and I said being really close to meeting my child. She looked extremely disappointed by our responses. She then took her marker and wrote, in all CAPS, on the board “PAIN.” Then turned to us and said, “You think about Pain! You think about how bad it is going to hurt!”  It took everything in me not to burst into laughter. Terrence was able to witness her dramatics in future classes. He, however, did not fight his desire to laugh.

Baby Shower in the UAE

One of my old co-workers hosted a baby shower for me last week and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed spending time with some of my old co-workers and new friends. I am so grateful to have people here that love and support us! I told myself that I would never show these pictures however.  I told my cousin that I  would keep these pictures “close to my heart” as I definitely look pregnant in every one. However, as the days have passed, I have gotten over the fact that my face doesn’t look like my face and that my body is well, my body. I’m in my final days, excited, blessed, and still fabulous!

Baby Shower in the States

We had a beautiful baby shower in Columbia, SC! Our friend Dominique and sister-in-law Hope did a great job making our shower wonderful and memorable. Our friend Kim provided the cake that was both gorgeous and tasty! Our family and loved ones made the shower unforgettable!




Guess Who's Back…

and still pregnant? Me, naturally. I realized recently that I haven’t blogged in a while. I do have several updates nonetheless. Where should I begin:

Baby Lorick, Mommy, and Daddy

  • We’re full term now! Not only are we full term, we found out today that I’ve dilated 1.5 centimeters. The time is drawing near..
  • We were told today that our baby weighs 6.61 pounds. At our last appointment our doctor told us, as nicely as she could, that our baby’s head may be on the large end. I smiled and thanked my husband for his wonderful genes 😉
  • We’ve painted the nursery white. Prior to being white, the room was bright orange as that room was originally our dining room. We have decided to delay decorating the nursery until after the baby is born. I wasn’t a fan of the Easter-colored, gender neutral bedding sets. Since the baby will room in with us for, at least, the first 3 months we have plenty of time to decorate his or her room. I actually feel better about doing it this way. It’s something freeing about waiting to meet him or her before decorating his or her room and picking out colors.
  • Our baby’s bag is packed and ready go! We also recently purchased the car seat, stroller, carry cot, pack and play, wardrobe, and changing table. Daddy has serious baby fever now as he tries to assemble everything!
  • I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. I wear a wrist/hand brace and it helps, but I am looking forward to gaining the feeling back in my hands and fingers. My doctor stated that the condition is due to fluid retention in my wrists.
  • Goodbye Braxton Hicks, hello real contractions! I experienced my first real contractions last night. After telling my husband after the third one he responded, “Really?!?! Oh wait, is our bag packed?!?!”
  • We now work in the city where we live, Al Ain. Terrence works 15 minutes away from our house and I work 30 minutes. Our schools are in the same direction so we are still able to ride together.
  • We both teach 1st grade boys. I’m at an all boys school this year and it’s definitely different from working with all girls. I actually miss my old students a lot. My boys are OK though and I’m sure that I’ll bond with a couple of them before the end of the school year.
Maternity Leave
  • I get 60 calendar days for maternity leave starting the day that I go into labor. It’s truly a blessing that our winter break is so close; after my 60 days are up I get an extra 3 weeks to be at home with our baby due to the holiday.
  • Upon returning to work the law mandates that I be allowed to leave work 2 hours early in order to nurse for the first 6 months. My work days will only be 5 hours long but I will still be paid for a full work day.
  • We are so blessed! While here we have become friends with a family from the states. Terrence works with the husband and the wife has agreed to watch our child while we are at work as she is a stay home mom. It’s so wonderful not having to look for a nanny or search childcare facilities. A friend and a believer will be caring for our child and we are grateful for it! Their children are pretty excited about the baby spending time with them also.