Our Weekend in Abu Dhabi

A few weeks ago we stayed the night in Abu Dhabi with some friends. We went the beach one day and to a museum the next. We had a great time! While at the beach I attempted to capture women in their traditional clothing, abayas and shelas. This attire is required during daily outings regardless of the event. Some women were swimming in their abayas and head coverings. It was, for sure, very interesting. Now I understand why a few of my Arabic co-teachers dislike going to the beach…I’m assuming that it’s just not same with a black robe on. However, kudos to those women that make lemonade or ,since we’re over here, leban (Middle Eastern drinkable yogurt).

3 thoughts on “Our Weekend in Abu Dhabi

  1. R. Manning says:

    Thanks for sending me this link. I have read through most of your blogs and they are very interesting. I love learning about various cultures, and you have actually answered questions that I pondered about you all living there.


    • growinghere says:

      You are very welcome! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and learned somethings about the culture and environment here!


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