Let the Dancing Begin!

As of May 30th Baby Lorick is knowingly mobile! I felt he or she move for the first time in the car on our way from work. It felt like a nudge. The first nudge confused me as it felt different than other bouts of gas that  I have had during this wonderful pregnancy. The second nudge, directly after the first, caused me to sit up in amazement. The third nudge solidified what I thought the second time around and forced me to scream. Again, I was riding in the car with my husband, so this naturally was not the best time to scream as I startled him. After explaining my outburst, he understood and, with excitement, asked how the move felt. Since then I have come to realize that not only can I feel our baby move, I also know that they are able to hear us. I read that some babies develop their hearing by week 19. Well I was in week 19 when I felt them move so I wanted to test the babies hearing as well. So Wednesday morning, June 1, I hadn’t felt the baby move yet so I put on a Fred Hammond song and put my iPod on my stomach. The baby started to move immediately! The days following have proved my hypothesis to be correct as the baby moved one morning upon hearing the alarm, another time after hearing a blender, and now whenever I start to sing. This is, for sure, an amazing feeling.

**We’re trying to figure out a nickname for our baby prior to delivery as it’s not fun always saying “our baby,” “the baby,” “he or she,” and the occasional slips of “it.” We are considering “Mufaja’a,” which in Arabic means, “surprise.” Will it stick?

5 thoughts on “Let the Dancing Begin!

  1. Mary Lorick says:

    Hello T & A, I just love this blog, I have enjoyed reading all the info and seeing pictures of you guys. I found it all very interesting and insightful. I have one question are things always as clean as they appear in the pictures?


    • growinghere says:

      I’m so glad that you like the blog! It actually is pretty clean around here! I never thought about that before 🙂


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