Where in the world are Aisha and Terrence?

We live in Al Ain, which is an hour away from Dubai and 1.5 away from the city of Abu Dhabi. We do live in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi however. This country is broken up into 7 emirates. Each would be comparable to a state in America. So we live in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi but in the city of Al Ain. We enjoy living here because it’s a little slower than the other two cities but we are still able to easily access the hustle and bustle of the city if we want to. Notice that what we know as the “Persian Gulf” is referred to as the “Arabian Gulf” here. That’s a huge deal. Our school was issued globes for each class, however they were unable to enter the classrooms until “Persian Gulf” was marked through with a Sharpie. An Arabic co-teacher of Terrence’s stated that he didn’t understand why we called it the Persian Gulf…Persia/Iran never owned the body of water. Interesting. However, up until the 1960’s Arab countries also called the body of water the Persian Gulf. But, with tension rising amongst the Persians and Arabs, the Arab countries began to embrace the name “Arabian Gulf” instead.

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