Baby on Board!

I’m going to practice what it must feel like to lose all of the attention. Being the oldest of four and having to share attention, I’m sure, has nothing on giving it all up to a new baby. I’m excited to see how that feels! So, in that spirit, I’ll spend my first blog sharing information about the pregnancy and health care here.

As of Tuesday, April 12, we turned 12 weeks. We haven’t had an complications and I haven’t been sick. I feel a really tired every now and again, and my when I’m hungry I have to eat right away to avoid feeling nausea. Outside of that, I feel great.

Our doctor’s office is in Dubai, which is an hour away. Our doctor insured us that the distance is nothing to be concerned about as with the first child the labor is pretty long (sigh). Our doctor is from India and she’s very knowledgeable and professional. Granted, this conclusion have been drawn from a woman that has never been pregnant before, but what she says lines up with the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and, so we feel pretty comfortable. We weren’t at all concerned regarding finding a qualified doctor. This country pays a hefty amount of money to employee the best of the best from around the world. We trust her. Our doctor appointments currently take place in Dubia Medical Center, which is located in Dubai Mall; the largest mall in the world. It’s definitely a nice, clean, up-to-date medical facility. We will deliver, however, in Dubia City Hospital. We haven’t been yet, but our expectations are high due to other experiences within the city and with our doctor.

Our due date is October 25th. We heard the baby’s heartbeat at our last doctor’s appointment; 178 BPM. Healthy. Our doctor said that everything looked great and that she would see us again at week 14, April 23rd.

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