The Middle East is, for sure, going through a violent transition. Some gulf country natives are overthrowing governments, while some are dying and battling against theirs. I’m so blessed to report that there is peace here in the UAE. I believe that some of this has to do with the fact that government here does take care of its natives. For example, each local here is given an allowance of sorts just for being Emirati. In addition to that, Emiratis that work for many private sectors get paid more than expatriates because they see hiring their people as an investment. Since last year there have been talks regarding increasing the minimum

wage in order to lure more Emiratis into the work field.  With only 20% of the population being from here, the government wants to give its people an incentive to remain here and contribute to its development. I strongly believe that the other reason there is peace here is because we are here. I really believe that God covers his children. So I am believing that the UAE will continue to be in peace for the remainder of our stay.

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